One of the most important beauty aid categories on the market, moisturizers help prevent or rejuvenate dry skin. Moisturizers come in a variety of formulations for varying skin types (e.g., dry, sensitive, oily, etc). While some people swear by a particular formulation or brand, most individuals find their “best” product by trial-and-error after using a variety of products over time. Most cosmetic companies offer a number of moisturizing products targeted to individual preferences. Some expensive – others very cost effective, moisturizers run the gamut from everyday applications to periodic treatments to maintain or repair damaged skin. When considering (or re-evaluating) your choice of moisturizers, consider how your skin may be changing over time. A moisturizer that served you well in younger year’s, may not necessarily be the appropriate product as your skin ages. The same can be true for seasonal variations in temperature or humidity. A consideration often overlooked when choosing a moisturizer is to look for a product that contains a sunscreen. If you’ll be outdoors for extended periods, the moisturizer will serve a dual purpose of moisturizing your skin while helping to protect from sun damage.