Luggage comes in so many shapes, sizes, colors, options, and prices that it can make a selection decision extremely confusing.

One of the first things I must say is – “don’t get too attached to your luggage”.  Luggage will get scuffed and dented, wheels will break, handles will come off, zippers will break, and they will just plain wear out over time.  My point is, be realistic about the abuse your luggage will endure on trips and be prepared to replace your luggage when needed.

Luggage is a travel tool.  Pick the tool that’s right for your trip – whether it be a carry-on for a flight, a few bags in different sizes for an extended trip, or a small bag or tote for a weekend jaunt.  Be realistic about your luggage requirements.  You are not going to get everything you’ll want for a 7-day cruise in the 22-inch carry-on you use on a business trip.

Check some of the online sources for luggage and you’ll find great deals on individual pieces of luggage or complete luggage sets.  Sets typically include a large, medium, and small (carry-on size), and often a tote as well.

Travel well – have fun.