Misc. Accessories

Electric Adapters and Converters:

OK, I must admit – I learned the difference the hard way.  On a trip to Ireland years ago, I used my electric adapter to plug in my curling iron and watched in amazement as the curling iron melted over onto itself and began to smoke.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Converters will make the electricity in foreign countries useable for the travel accessory you bring over from home in the U.S. (e.g., hair dryer, curling iron, etc.).  The converter will adjust the voltage from the country you’re visiting and make it compatible with your accessories.  Converters come with a set of adapters to match the electrical plug configurations in different countries.
  • Adapters only provide various electrical plug configurations to match the U.S. plug to the configuration used in the country you are visiting.  It is important to know that an Adapter does not convert the electrical voltage and may damage your appliance if it is not compatible with the electrical output of the country you’re in.

We all travel with a variety of electronic items; cameras, laptops, e-readers, etc.  Check the requirements of your items to see if they can be charged using an Adapter only – or if the item requires to be used with a Converter.  If in doubt, call the customer service line for the manufacturer of your product.  Better safe than sorry.

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