Packing Cubes

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Where have these been all my life?  Actually they’ve been around, but for some reason I wasn’t aware of what great travel companions they are.  For those who might not know, packing cubes are lightweight individual “packages” that come in various sizes that can be used to assemble your clothes and other travel items.  Then you simply pack the packages keeping all you items neatly arranged and separated.  No matter how neatly I try to pack for a trip, my suitcase always became a jumble with things stuffed in where I can squeeze them in.  Rather than packing your suitcase in layers and trying to keep sections of shirts, socks, underwear, pants, etc., etc., packing cubes allow you to assemble individual cubes of items in packages that can be more efficiently placed in a suitcase – maximizing available space – and simplifying finding items during your trip.

Many companies offer packing cubes, but look for bundles that offer an assortment of a few sizes to accommodate the variety of things you need to take on a trip.  I like using separate cubes for socks and underwear, others for shirts, another for pants, sweaters, etc.  I even use cubes for my camera, chargers, shoes and anything else I’m taking on my trip.   Try picking up some basic cubes and use them on your next adventure.  You won’t be sorry.
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