Wrinkle Creams

A common question people ask is “what’s the difference between purpose-specific anti-wrinkle creams and general skin moisturizers”?  In many cases, often not much.  Do your research and read the ingredients to get a better understanding of the contents – regardless of how the product is named, packaged, or advertised.  Since creams and lotions are classified as cosmetics by the FDA, they are less strictly regulated than products containing medications intended to be applied to the skin.

So back to our initial question – what’s the difference?  Moisturizers are generally intended to provide hydration to the upper layer of skin.  This keeps the skin supple, protects it from dryness, and helps fill in fine lines caused by skin dryness.  Moisturizers usually contain some type of humectants or emollients or other ingredients to keep moisture in the skin.

Anti-wrinkle creams however, typically contain additional ingredients such as Retinol (a vitamin A compound) to reduce skin breakdown and wrinkles, Hydroxy Acids as exfoliates to remove old dead skin and stimulate new skin growth, and even tea extracts for their antioxidant properties.

Remember, there is no such thing as an “Anti-Aging Cream” – everything ages, and the best you can do is provide your skin with appropriate protection and care to keep it looking its best the longest.

Exuviance~Neutrogena~Peter Thomas