Exuviance Anti-Aging Solutions

Exuviance Anti-Aging Solutions is a three-component set that includes a cleansing crème, a multi-protective day fluid, and a restorative crème for nighttime use.  This three-step routine is intended to provide a comprehensive approach for improving and maintaining skin condition.

The Gentle Cleansing Crème removes surface oils and makeup while including conditioners to soften the skin.  The Multi-Protective Day Fluid includes SPF 15 protection for defense from sun damage while including vitamins, antioxidants and polyhydroxy acids to reduce wrinkles and improve skin appearance.  The Ultra Restorative Crème helps renew and hydrate skin resulting in smoother appearance.

Exuviance is a product line within the NeoStrata company’s comprehensive set of product offerings.  For those not familiar with NeoStrata, it was founded by 2 highly regarded doctors in Dermatology and Derma pharmacology.  Combined, Dr. Eugene Van Scott and Dr. Ruey Yu have decades of clinical research and more than 100 patents.

As a comprehensive skin care approach, the Exuviance Anti-Aging Solution takes the guess out of morning cleaning, daily hydrating and protection, and nighttime skin restoration.